Håkon Sæterøy, Executive Chairman of the Board

Håkon Sæterøy is Managing Director of Investor Corporate AS, the second largest shareholder of IC Targets AS. He is a Co-founder and currently serves as CEO of Alzheimer´s diagnostics company Pre Diagnostics AS. Håkon was Executive Chairman of listed diagnostic company DiaGenic ASA from 2002-2010, Executive Chairman of drug development company Serodus ASA from 2008-2012 and chairman/board member of diagnostic company Skannex AS from 2008-2014.

With more than 30 years of experience in management, corporate finance, and business development, Håkon has an extensive international network. He has worked with corporate finance in Norwegian investment banks for 12 years and continued the financing and M&A consultancy business in his own company Investor Corporate AS.

Håkon has been a shareholder and board member in several life science companies in Norway. He​ was a board member of Nansen Neuroscience Network from 2010-2020 (chairman from 2010-2012) and was a board member of Oslo Cancer Cluster (2007-2014). Håkon holds a Master in Business from the Norwegian School of Economics.

board member 1

Willy Eidsaunet, Chief Medical Officer and Board Member

Willy Eidsaunet has served more than 45 years within the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry. He spent 16 years at CIBA-GEIGY in clinical research and as a Medical Director. He joined Nycomed Imaging in 1989 as Head of product management for MRI, was Executive Vice President at Nycomed’s operations in Spain (1992-1994), and Senior Vice President Strategic Marketing/Medical & Regulatory Affairs (1994-1997). After Nycomed’s merger with Amersham plc in 1997 and, later, after General Electric’s acquisition of Nycomed Amersham in 2004, he served as Senior Vice President of Technology Collaboration, R&D (1997-2007). Willy was the CEO of the life science company IC Contrast up to the merger with Epitarget in 2015. Willy holds a Bachelor in education and languages (German & English) from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor degree in International Management from BI Norwegian Business School.

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Christina Abrahamsberg, Chief Scientific Officer

Christina Abrahamsberg has more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including different leadership positions within Preclinical & Clinical Development, Scientific Alliance Management, Licensing, Drug Approval, Drug Safety, Quality Assurance and Project Management. Christina served as General Manager of Alvetra & Werfft GmbH, Austria and Sanochemia Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH, Germany. Before joining IC Targets, she was Chief Scientific Officer of the Austrian listed company Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG (2016-2020). Prior to entering pharmaceutical industry, Christina started her career in academic research as an Assistant Professor at the Max Perutz Laboratories in Vienna (2003-2008). Christina holds a PhD in Genetics from the University in Vienna.

board member 3

Jonny Østensen, Project Leader Manganese-enhanced MRI in Heart Failure

Jonny Østensen has more than 30 years’ experience in research, development & innovation within pharmaceutical industry and technology transfer. Jonny was Medical Advisor of Nycomed Imaging, VP Biology of Amersham Health and GE Healthcare (1990-2008) with responsibility for global biology research. In 2008 he joined Inven2 as VP Innovation to assess and commercialize innovative research conducted at the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and the health trusts under the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Since 2020, he works as an independent consultant. Jonny holds a MD, PhD from the University of Oslo.

board member 4

Miriam Balstad, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Miriam Balstad has more than 20 years of experience in Regulatory Affairs. Miriam was Senior Regulatory Advisor of Pronova Biocare and a Global Regulatory Leader with GE Healthcare AS (1998-2021). She has a long and successful track record in managing all life cycle phases of contrast agents in the EU and the US. Since 2021, she works as an independent consultant. Miriam holds an MD, MSc from the University of Cairo.